About Us

We are Raccoons Studio, game studio from Poland. We want to make games that bring joy to hundreds of thousands of gamers and can be enjoyed by anyone!

Our Games

Let’s Go Nuts! 2


An angry bear stole a whole, large jar of nuts. Fortunately, he loses them on the way. Collect all the nuts from the board, catch up with the bear and deal with him once and for all!


Shipwreck Escape


Shipwreck Escape is a 2,5D immersive game with puzzle elements. The catastrophe happened when the cruise ship was sailing from Athens to Dubai. The main character is a croupier in a ship’s casino and he got stuck in this sinking hell.

Storage Hunter

Our future AA project!

Take part in an auction of abandoned warehouses and containers. Your task is to properly estimate the value of the things in the room. Whoever earns the most wins. Locations and bidders can give players more than one a surprise.

Raccoons Studio SA. Registration address: Wał Miedzeszyński 608 03-994 Warsaw; share capital: 500 000 PLN; KRS: 0000858323; REGON: 386940215; NIP: 7010995933.